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Our Leaky Paywall platform provides more revenue opportunities than you thought possible.


Why Leaky Paywall?

Over 900 news and magazine publishers count on our Leaky Paywall publishing platform to attract and convert paying subscribers. As a metered paywall built specifically for WordPress, it offers the most flexible restrictions, real web issue publishing, third party plugin and CRM integrations, supports 100's of payment gateways, offers out-of-the box iOS and Android apps, and takes a 0% revenue share. 


You guys are on the cutting edge of the future of publishing, and you know it.

Ken Amorosano - True West Magazine

8 ways Leaky Paywall builds your revenue

Today, you need a platform that attracts Google search, motivates social sharing, and can easily be set up to build your email lists and deliver paying subscriptions and unique product purchases. 

Search & Social Growth

Leaky Paywall at its core is a metered paywall. It lets all your content rank in Google search and be shared 1000's of times in Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social media platforms.

The most flexible paywall

Meter, lock down, and open up the content you want. Leaky Paywall sets up in a snap and meters all your content out of the box. It also allows you to tune the restrictions by content type, categories, tags and individual articles to offer free, paid, premium+, new content products, and even time based archive access.

Explode your email list

Leverage the most important strategy for your paywall: Easily set up a free registration wall to capture email addresses in exchange for a few more free articles. A larger email list means more traffic back to your site, and more paid subscriptions. And, oh, your advertisers will love your bigger list.

Real web issue publishing

Leaky Paywall integrates with our IssueM issue publisher. Quickly produce web based issues that are search, social, and mobile friendly. IssueM is the perfect solution for publishers looking to monetize their print content or re-purpose news content into special issues to sell or promote. Supports our UniPress apps, flip-books, and PDF downloads.

Your apps are ready already

Offer the best reading experience available today. Our UniPress iOS and Android apps let you automatically publish your content, manage push notifications, and advertising... right from WordPress. Subscriptions are integrated seamlessly with Leaky Paywall to provide the modern content experience your audience expects. Get it done in a snap.

The most integrations

As a native WordPress solution, Leaky Paywall works with the 1000s of plugins in the WordPress repository, third party subscriber CRMs, and much more. Leaky Paywall can leverage third party plugins since permissions can be shared using the WordPress user table. It is also the only paywall that works with server side caching.

Works with 100s of payment gateways

Out of the box Leaky Paywall supports Stripe, Apple & Google Pay, and PayPal. Optionally, use our WooCommerce integration to enable payments from 100's of supported Woo gateways. Leaky Paywall handles content access and WooCommerce handles payments and subscriber info.

Zero% revenue share

We believe in not taking your subscription revenue. Our mission is to help you generate new revenue with our digital subscription platform, give you the tools the big publishers have, but without the % bite to your income. As from the start we believe charging a fair price for our product and services was the way to go.

How we have helped our clients

We work closely with clients to help them exceed their expectations. Here are a few case studies:


Daily double-digit subscriber growth

Built from scratch, we helped Modern Drummer bring their 40 year issue archive forward into the world of Google search and social sharing.

We tackled their metered paywall, real web issues, connected apps, custom design and 3rd party fulfillment integration.

In their 1st year after launch they doubled their traffic and are taking in daily double digit paid subscriptions.


New efficient workflows brought the mission back into focus

We rebuilt iPolitics and incorporated Leaky Paywall, UniPress iOS/Android apps, corporate subscriptions, automated email list management and mailing, and the ability to feed in and quickly republish third party news feeds.

iPolitics uses IssueM to publish The Weekender, a special issue that goes live every Friday to catch readers up on the most important news of the week.


Zero to 1000 new paid digital subscriptions

In the months since Small Boat Monthly switched to Leaky Paywall, the number of organic subscriptions has gone from zero to four digits, with more added daily.

iOS and Android apps give their subscribers the modern reading experience they demand.


Doubling digital subscriptions by selling archive access

The Austin Monitor covers local political and business news in Austin, TX.

Not only do they sell a standard subscription for current news, they also upsell a premium level subscription for any news over 90 days old which helped them double paid susbcriptions.


Apps Power 50% of New Subscriptions

Tea Journey is the 3rd-most-funded Kickstarter publication ever. After launching on our platform immediately added 1500 new paid digital subscriptions.

iOS and Android apps helps capture almost 50% of their paid subscriptions.


Subscriptions up over 300%

The Practice is Harvard Law School's law journal and uses Leaky Paywall to motivate and manage paid subscriptions.

The Practice leverages Leaky Paywall to explode their email list, Twitter presence, and paid subscriptions.

Need something special?

Are you looking to migrate from another platform, upgrade your current WordPress publication, or build a new publication from scratch? Why not get in touch to find out what’s possible?

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"We’ve been publishing Street Photography Magazine for 5 years on the iOS (former Apple Newsstand) and through our WordPress site using a membership site plugin (not ideal for the magazine business). These were two separate platforms that required two different workflows to publish each month. The WordPress version was always easier to create than the iOS platform.

I always dreamed of creating a WordPress based platform that would push the content out automatically to both iOS and Android apps, but didn’t have the time or expertise to do it right.

Then I found the Zeen101 suite consisting of Leaky Paywall, UniPress and IssueM that does everything I wanted…all from one company. We worked together with the team to create new mobile apps and to tweak our existing WordPress content to look good on the mobile apps.

And we were able to continue using our existing theme.

Today we are able to publish monthly issues in a fraction of the time and we generate additional web traffic from our premium content with the metered paywall system similar to the big publishers like the New York Times and others."

In addition to the tech, these guys know and understand publishing."