So. Ridiculously. Easy. easy-to-use platform for publishers that can handle issues, subscriptions, and manage your mobile apps... all in WordPress.

Introducing the ZEEN101 publishing platform...



Publish to Multiple Outlets
...From One Dashboard

Publish content to your blog, digital issues, email lists, and mobile apps with one click in WordPress.


Monetize Your Content.
Sell Subscriptions. Sell Ads.

Our metered paywall for WordPress lets you sell digital subscriptions on the web and in your apps.


Put Your Content
into Your Reader's Pocket

Quickly launch native iOS & Android apps... and manage them right in WordPress.

Profit from Your Content with the #1 Metered Paywall for WordPress

Introducing Leaky Paywall—a metered paywall solution that lets every published article get found in Google search and shared socially via Facebook and the rest. This means your articles reach new readers and attract more paying subscribers.

"...focusses on doing one job – providing a metered paywall – and does it well."

Leaky Paywall

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iOS & Android Apps for your WordPress Readers


Upgrade your ZEEN101 platform to include UniPress—our app service that gives you the ability to publish your news posts, issues (with IssueM), and metered paywall to your own branded iOS and Android apps. With UniPress, it's a snap to control your apps right from your WordPress dashboard.

Without any extra work you will be able to reach your readers on the device that's in their pocket, and build a stronger relationship.

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Publish, Manage, & Promote Digital Issues with WordPress

IssueM—is a free issue-based digital publishing tool that lets you quickly build a magazine or news site in WordPress. Set up your current issue, load your articles, and launch with a single click. Past issues are automatically archived for easy browsing and search visibility.

You can even migrate WordPress posts and build special issues quickly.

"...IssueM is a real standout."


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