How To Build A Smashing ‘About Us’ Page

From Perfunctory to Perfect

Everyone has an ‘About Us’ page. Their creation is often an afterthought – a few lines about the publication, maybe a set of profile pictures of key staff – but they have the capacity to be more.

While your ‘About Us’ page may never contribute directly to the growth of your subscriptions, they do contribute to the impact of your brand.

Fortunately, creating a simply smashing ‘About Us’ page doesn’t have to be difficult.

Just look at what iPolitics has done.

Professional Yet Personal

iPolitics is a digital news source that focuses specifically on Canadian politics. Their brand is quick, smart, and in-depth reporting. The iPolitics About page is a great insight into their priorities: a quick run-through of the mission of the publication, followed by profiles of the individuals who do the reporting and the analysis.

The profiles give all the relevant professional information on education and the topics that each reporter covers. 

They also show you the more personal side of each reporter: a funny profile pic when your roll over the professional one. A few notes on hobbies and favorites. A small profile of a pet. Plus the opportunity to follow each reporter on any social media to which they subscribe.

All of it says: we’re qualified professionals who understand our topics but we are also people who live in the real world and understand how those topics impact real life.

And that’s a how you build a brand with just a few lines of text and a couple of pictures.

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