Don’t design your new website… blueprint it

Grab a pencil and a couple of sheets of paper… this (true) story starts with a person I call the frenzied publisher. A big mess Some time ago I walked into the office of this publisher who was scanning a conference room table (with about 30 pieces of paper on it) in order to re-design […]

Add a few tweaks to your sign up page to boost subscriptions 

This fantastic video from GoodUI will enlighten you as to what easy changes you can make to your subscription page to increase sales conversions. They review Harvest’s sign up page. The video is loaded with great improvement tips that you can implement on your own subscription page. It’s only 11 minutes long so you can have […]

Digital magazine readers stress readability over interactivity

As a publisher, how do you choose what look and feel your publication has online? There are so many options available: Replica editions (the publication looks like it was ‘printed’ but it’s a digital version) Desktop PDFs Apps eReaders desktop Flip books According to Talking New Media, readers preferences have changed quickly over time. Large publishers, […]

Launching soon? Set up a lead generating landing page now

Are you in the process of building your digital publication? Start building your lead list now. Now it’s easier than ever to start promoting your site – with minimal work – and a huge payoff. The plugin, SeedProd, is a powerful, yet easy-to-use product that can give you a head start if you’re in the […]

Grab your reader’s attention with a great subscription footer nag has a lot of things going right online. Not only is the subject matter totally awesome, and the photos spectacular, but they also manage to nail the metered paywall approach. Here’s how it works: 1. Metered paywall They give you a free article and then ask you to subscribe. Check. 2. Read your first […]

Make them read the blurred text – get readers to subscribe

You run a metered paywall. Your articles are getting found in Google search and they are getting shared in Facebook. Your readers arrive at your site and comb through more articles. They are interested. They might subscribe. How do you encourage them? Do what the Austin Monitor does: Make them want to read the blurred […]

The best clean magazine and news themes for WordPress

I get asked pretty regularly: What is a good magazine or news theme to start a design with? The great news is there are many themes to chose from these days… almost too many. I spent many hours combing through magazine and news themes from all the major theme publishers and selected a group that […]