Things You Didn’t Know About Leaky Paywall, Past and Future

Every Hero Has An Origin Story We’re always happy to talk about how Leaky Paywall works for you – how it helps you reach your readers, grow your audience, and increase your subscription revenue.  Have you ever been curious about more of the details, technical or otherwise, of how Leaky Paywall came to be and […]

Leaky Paywall Version 4 is out

3 major features have been added to Leaky Paywall (along with UI improvements and bug-fixes): API integration for 3rd party payment gateways. You can now integrate with any payment system that supports APIs. For instructions on how to do this read our new API doc Stripe Credit/Debit Card Form: This will allow you to collect […]

Selling Digital Content Just Got a Whole Lot…Freer

For immediate release The #1 Metered Paywall for WordPress is Now Free In a welcome and unexpected move made early this year, ZEEN101 published their landmark—and formerly un-free—Leaky Paywall plugin to the Plugin Repository—making it free of the developer fees that accompany other paywall plugins or services. Get our free guidebook: The Publishers’ Quick […]

New Corporate Subscriptions Plugin

Let anyone with @uniquedomain.url access your content. This plugin is perfect for selling subscriptions to companies and organizations. Once an organization is setup EG: @abccompany.anything or *.edu all their employees with a matching email address will have access to your site. How it works You set up the domain that will have access to your content in […]

Sell access to your archives with our new Auto-Archiver plugin

The new Auto-Archiver plugin for Leaky Paywall will automatically archive your articles/posts after X number of days. Only a premium level of subscribers will have access to your archived content. This is perfect if your older content has value. For example: Austin Monitor archives all it’s articles after 90 days. They require a Premium level of subscription […]

New MailChimp plugin available for Leaky Paywall

This extension integrates Leaky Paywall with MailChimp by letting you automatically add new subscribers to specific MailChimp lists based on what subscription level they purchase. This integration works with both free and paid subscription levels. Automatically add new Leaky Paywall subscribers to a default MailChimp list Allow free level subscribers to opt themselves into a […]

Leaky Paywall version 3.0 is here

This major update covers a lot of ground as was fueled by your feedback and requests. Thank you! Here is what’s new: Multisite compatibility My Account page Custom welcome email Accept 138 currencies New subscriber redirect Multisite compatibility Run Leaky Paywall on two or more subsites with one WordPress multisite installation. Lets readers choose to […]

Shopify integration for Leaky Paywall

Run a Shopify store and need to to let buyers buy a subscription to your publication through Shopify? or… need to sell a product that comes with a subscription? Now you can tie a Shopify purchase to a subscription. The Shopify plugin for Leaky Paywall developed by Maciej Bis Allows you to import the emails of recent […]

Ad Dropper – Manage ads faster

Ad Dropper makes it a snap to add, manage, and track ads anywhere on your WordPress site Some fast features: Create multiple ad zones: header, footer, sidebar, and in-content Create any type of ad with the WordPress editor: banner, text, video, or insert 3rd party ad code Assign 1 or more ads to your ad zones […]

Gift Subscriptions for Leaky Paywall now available

Generate more subscriptions to your publication by letting friends and family buy gift subscriptions! Grab the gift subscription plugin now. Features: Gifter can send a personal email note to the recipient (or not) Gifter can choose the date they want to have the gift subscription delivered. EG they can choose to send the gift on […]

Reporting Tool for Leaky Paywall now available (free)

The Reporting Tool for Leaky Paywall is a free add-on that will let you filter and download (CSV file) the subscriber info you need. Open up your downloaded CSV file in Excel or other spreadsheet program to analyze your subscriptions. Filter results by: Subscription price Expiration dates Subscription levels Active vs cancelled subscribers Payment methods Subscriber ID […]

IssueM 2.0 Released

The IssueM 2.0 release is now available on or by updating in your WordPress admin panel. Many new improvements, bug fixes, and features were added to help make your issue publishing experience even better. The settings page was redesigned to give you a more native WordPress experience. We improved the inline documentation and added […]

IssueM 1.2.12 Released

We’ve uploaded the latest version of IssueM (1.2.12) to the plugin repository. The most recent release includes some new features and functionality to improve your experience with IssueM. Front End Updates We’ve added a link to the Issue name in the Active Issue Widget, giving you yet another way for your users to find […]