Digital issues: Publish more issues with fewer articles

The Freedom Press Survey: Readers spend 10 – 30 minutes on average with a digital magazine

What this tells us is that readers have about 20 minutes to spend with your publication.

What should you do?

Create each issue to be consumed in approximately 20 minutes. If you typically publish 12 articles per monthly issue, you might want to switch to publishing 6 articles every 2 weeks.

This gives you the added bonus of touching your readers more often (you are emailing your issues to your list right?)… and your readers can feel a sense of completion since they can finish up in 20 minutes.

Here’s the source:

Freeport Press promoted a 7-question survey to a variety of magazine readers in the North America – demographics chart below. The survey was open for 3 days in August 2016 and generated 692 r…

Source: Print vs. Digital: How We Really Consume Our Magazines – 2016 edition | Freeport Press

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