As a publisher, how do you choose what look and feel your publication has online? There are so many options available:

  • Replica editions (the publication looks like it was ‘printed’ but it’s a digital version)
  • Desktop PDFs
  • Apps
  • eReaders
  • desktop Flip books

According to Talking New Media, readers preferences have changed quickly over time. Large publishers, such as Martha Stewart, can offer multiple platform choices, but smaller publishers should keep an eye for what’s most important:


Readers generally said they preferred print, then eReaders and tablets, then smartphones, followed by desktop magazines.

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Source: Digital magazine readers stress readability over interactivity – Talking New MediaTalking New Media | The digital publishing website

Bottom line: Don’t get too hung up on design and make sure your articles are easy to navigate and read on mobile.

You’ll have to decide what’s most important for your publication – with today’s WordPress themes (pre-made designs) mobile layouts are a snap (subscribers can read your content on any platform with ease). Here’s an article we wrote highlighting a selection of clean, easy-to-read designs for your publication.