How To Send an Email Notification When a Payment Fails

Leaky Paywall fires the leaky_paywall_failed_payment action when Stripe returns an event code of either charge.failed or invoice.payment_failed. Using that action you can send a notification email to your subscriber asking them to update their credit card information on their Leaky Paywall profile page.

How to Add Custom Fields to the Leaky Paywall Registration Form

Using a couple of actions, you can add your own custom form fields to the Leaky Paywall registration form when a new subscriber signs up for a level. This code goes in the functions.php file of your theme or in a custom functionality plugin. Requirements: 1. You must set up a page for registration and […]

How to Add a New User to a Third Party System (like MailChimp)

You can use the leaky_paywall_new_subscriber action to do something with the new user data after they are added to the WordPress user table. For example, you could add them to a MailChimp list, add them to your CRM, or send them an extra welcome email. The following function demonstrates how to make a basic 3rd […]