Issue Scheduler

1. Go to Articles > Issues in the WordPress admin. 2. Create a new issue. 3. Click on the name of the newly created issue. 4. In the Issue settings, set the “Issue Status” to Scheduled. 5. This will display the “Schedule” setting. Select the day and time you would like the issue status to […]

Issue-to-PDF Filters

There are a couple filters you can use to alter the output of your PDF. Take a look at the gist below to see examples of how to use the filters.

Advanced Issue Search configuration

Advanced Issue Search plugin 1. Add the following shortcode to any page. [issuem_advanced_search] 2. The search fields will display on the page, as well as the results after a user performs a search.

Migration Tool

Migration tool This plugin let’s you move a Post (or other post type) into an Article and assign it to an issue. There are 2 ways to migrate posts: Bulk migration: In your dashboard go to: Articles/Migration Tool Single Post migration: Bring up your Posts. Hover over a post to bring up the quick menu and choose […]

Issue-to-PDF Setup

Issue-to-PDF plugin Notes: 1. Recommended PHP Memory Limit of at least 32MB or 64MB 2. This plugin is 12megs+ and will likely need to be uploaded manually via FTP 3. The WordPress Orderby menu field controls the order of the article output inthe PDF Template customization Issue-to-PDF uses the mPDF library to generate the PDF, […]