Getting Started

IssueM helps you publish your magazine or publication online with WordPress. This getting started guide will walk you through the minimum amount of steps required to publish your first issue. IssueM includes many more settings that can be configured, but this guide focuses on publishing your first issue with the least amount of effort. Watch […]

Choosing the right Issue Cover size

When you upload a cover image for your issue, make sure it is large enough to display in high resolution in the app. Your cover image size should be: 1536 x 2048 pixels When a reader clicks on an issue from your Past Issues screen, this cover image will load briefly telling the reader what issue is […]

How IssueM adds issues your WordPress site

Having a good understanding of how WordPress and IssueM work together will help you get the best from your site. In this post we’ll take a high-level look at the components that make up a basic WordPress site and what IssueM brings to the table. WordPress is a database-driven application written in the PHP language […]

How do I order my articles?

Default article ordering uses the publish date. You can order articles 2 other ways: Using the Article Order field Drag and drop ordering 1. Use the Article Order field to order your articles in each issue 2. Drag and drop article ordering This method works well when you have many articles to order Grab and install […]


IssueM comes with many shortcodes to help you customize the look and feel of your online magazine. IssueM Shortcodes [issuem_issue_title] This shortcode displays the current issue name [issuem_articles] This shortcode will display the list of articles in an issue. Accepted Arguments: issue – use issue slug to display a specific issue posts_per_page – any number. Default: -1 […]