Leaky Paywall Recurring Payments

Installation In your WordPress admin, go to Plugins > Add New > Upload. Find the zip file of the plugin files and upload it to your site. After you upload the plugin you can activate it. Setup 1. After you install and activate the Recurring Payments plugin, you will get a new option on the […]

Article Countdown Nag

The Article Countdown Nag displays a popup that let’s the reader know how many free articles/posts they have left before they need to subscribe. How to Setup the Article Countdown Nag 1. Go to Leaky Paywall > Settings > General > Article Countdown Nag in your WordPress admin. 2. Enter the number of content views […]

Leaky Paywall Trials

Requirements Must be using Stripe payment gateway. Trials are only applicable on recurring levels. How to setup trials with Leaky Paywall 1. Go to Leaky Paywall > Settings > Subscriptions > Trials in the WordPress admin. 2. Check the “Enable Trials” setting. 3. Set the Trial Period Length to a number greater than zero. 4. […]

Gift Subscriptions

To limit which levels display in the “Select plan” dropdown, use the subscription_plans attribute like the example below. [leaky_paywall_gift_subscriptions subscription_plans=”0,1″]

Bulk Import Subscribers

With the bulk import subscribers extension you can import a large list of users at once with a CSV file. When you install the extension, a new section will appear on the subscriber page that will let you upload a CSV file. Note: You must be running at least Leaky Paywall 3.8.0 to use this […]

Corporate Subscriptions plugin setup

Configuring the Corporate Subscriptions plugin is straightforward. The subscriber gains access through the flow depicted here. Configuration: You need to create a subscriber login page (so they can submit their email) and add the login shortcode to it: [leaky_paywall_corp_subs] You need to create a welcome page which the subscriber will see after logging in with […]

Leaky Paywall MailChimp Addon

Configuring the Leaky Paywall MailChimp Addon 1. After installing the plugin, go to Leaky Paywall > MailChimp in your WordPress admin. 2. Enter your license key and click “Save Settings” to receive automatic updates. 3. Enter your MailChimp API key and click “Save Settings”. If you need help finding your API key, click here. 4. […]