Leaky Paywall FAQs

If you are just starting to look at Leaky Paywall here are some frequently asked questions: The Leaky Paywall meter restricts by X number of free articles over a Y time period. days, weeks, months, years. There is a visibility setting on the post edit screen you can use to override the global meter setting. […]

How to set up renewal reminders

Leaky Paywall can automatically send a reminder email in advance of a subscription expiring. It’s easy to do. Please note: This email is NOT sent to subscribers on a recurring level since they will be charged automatically when their renewal date arrives. Here’s how: Head over to Leaky Paywall/Settings and choose the Email tab Scroll […]

How To Hide Custom Fields Behind Leaky Paywall

If the content that you are hiding behind Leaky Paywall has custom fields, you will need to add an additional function to hide those values. First add this function to your theme or functionality plugin. Then, use that function in your theme file to hide/show the custom fields. if ( !is_restricted_zeen101_post( $post->ID ) ) { […]

What restrictions/options are there with Leaky Paywall?

Leaky Paywall’s (LP) core function is to allow a few free articles before the visitor has to pay (X articles over Y days). This lets all your articles get found in Google search and lets your articles get shared socially in Facebook etc. Some options for LP: Payment can be with $ or with an email […]

Leaky Paywall Getting Started

After installing the plugin, follow the steps below to begin using Leaky Paywall on your site. In the WordPress admin, go to Leaky Paywall > Settings > General. 1. Create a page for login Add the shortcode [leaky_paywall_login] to your login page and on the Leaky Paywall options select the page from the Page for […]

How to create multiple subscription levels in Leaky Paywall

To Create Subscription Levels Note: you need to purchase the Multiple Levels add-on in order to add more subscription levels. Login to WordPress: http://your_domain_name.com/wp-login.php (use your regular website user name and password) Navigate to Leaky Paywall > Settings on the black vertical menu 2. Scroll down to: Subscription Levels (see image below) 3. For each one, […]