What happens when someone subscribes in the app store?

When a subscriber pays through the app stores we create a connected subscriber in Leaky Paywall with a random “unipress” username/password. This lets you manage their access to content in the apps.  Google/Apple do not release any information about app store subscribers. The subscriber would need to submit their email/username/password in the app which would update their […]

UniPress FAQs

Here are answers to frequently asked questions about UniPress: Leaky Paywall users on your site use the same WP login in the apps We can style the apps home-screen as you need and yes as long as we have the feed for the articles we can categorize as necessary. I have attached a screenshot so […]

How to quickly send a push notification from your phone

Your WordPress admin is mobile friendly so it’s easy to send/schedule a push notification from a phone. On your phone log in to your WP Admin and go to UniPress/Send Push and add that screen to your “Home screen” on your device for quick access. See the 4 screenshots below for how it works (iPhone): Step 1: […]

How to manage your App menu

After the UniPress plugin is installed on your WP site you will find a UniPress Device Menu in Appearance/Menus. Load the UniPress menu up and anything you add to that menu will appear in your app.

How do push notifications work?

You can log into your dashboard anytime and either schedulea push notification to be sent or send one immediately. Screenshot:

Choosing the right Issue Cover size

When you upload a cover image for your issue, make sure it is large enough to display in high resolution in the app. Your cover image size should be: 1536 x 2048 pixels When a reader clicks on an issue from your Past Issues screen, this cover image will load briefly telling the reader what issue is […]

How to log into your app

Here is how to gain access to your app after subscribing on the web. 1. Goto the My Account or My Profile page on the publication’s website 2. Log into your account on the web 3. Click the ADD NEW MOBILE DEVICE button. This will generate a token that you will use in the app. […]

How to add a video as a feature image in your apps

On your post/article edit screen add the following shortcode below the iframe video code. Make sure the short code looks like the image below and is not wrapped in any other formatting code. This shortcode will also suppress the video in the body so you do not have a duplicate video: Shortcode: [unipress-video] Here’s what your code […]

How to strip an image or any content from the app

This is great great for pulling out duplicate feature images in your posts and articles Use 2 ways to accomplish this For a global setting use the CSS box in the UniPress plugin dashboard div img:first-child { display: none; }` For one time use: add a shortcode in the post [unipress_hide_content] CONTENT TO BE HIDDEN […]

How do I apply as a “Company” with a single member LLC?

Here is a good article that will hopefully help: http://marksiegal.com/2012/09/27/enrolling-company-ios-developer-program/ From a customer who just went through this: The secret that unlocked the mighty door were these words as advised in the blog you sent me: “I want to convert my individual account to a company account.” She then took my DUNS number, stood by […]