Caching with Leaky Paywall (i.e WP Engine)

Leaky Paywall can/will work with Caching plugins (like WP Super Cache), but it all depends on how it’s setup. Any caching plugin you use will have a lot of different setup options, and the sort of plugins you’re using (WooCommerce, iThemes Exchange, Leaky Paywall, etc) will often times determine what kinds of caching you should be using. Any sort of caching that simply caches the HTML output of a page is pretty basic and often has problems. The best caching to use with any sort of membership management sites like Leaky Paywall is backend object caching.

If your host caches heavily or you use a caching plugin you may need to use the alternative (javascript) caching method.

1. Enable “Alternative Subscription Handling”

In Leaky Paywall > Settings > Subscriptions click the “Alternative Subscription Handling” checkbox to enable it.

alternative caching

2. If using WP Engine, disable the cookie from caching on live site

Ask WP Engine support to “disable this cookie from caching on live site”:

For single site: issuem_lp
For multisite: issuem_lp_<site id>

You may also need to whitelist certain URLs, for instance, if you’re using the IssueM plugin, you could white list this URL:*

We use Nginx, PHP-FPM, and Redis caching on our sites and have never had any trouble with any e-commerce or
membership solution.