How do I order my articles?

Default article ordering uses the publish date. You can order articles 2 other ways:

  1. Using the Article Order field
  2. Drag and drop ordering

1. Use the Article Order field to order your articles in each issue


2. Drag and drop article ordering

  1. This method works well when you have many articles to order
  2. Grab and install the Simple Custom Post Order plugin
  3. In your WP dashboard go to Articles/Issues and click on the issue you wish to order
  4. Click the Count number which will load up all the articles in that issue (see image below)
  5. Once the articles are loaded up for the issue you can simply grab each article and drag and drop them into position
  6. That’s it… the articles will be ordered as you wish in the issue

Click the Count number to load up the articles in the issue

Drag and drop the article



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