Leaky Paywall FAQs

If you are just starting to look at Leaky Paywall here are some frequently asked questions:

  1. The Leaky Paywall meter restricts by X number of free articles over a Y time period. days, weeks, months, years. There is a visibility setting on the post edit screen you can use to override the global meter setting. EG: make an article always free or always require a subscription
  2. Leaky Paywall is designed to show the reader a few articles for free (you should test the meter setting with different numbers of free articles). A minimum of 1 free article is required to let Google index your content and to let each article be shared in social media. Setting the meter to 0 turns Leaky Paywall into a hard paywall and forces a subscription. Once the meter is used up, the article excerpt is displayed along with the prompt to subscribe. Here is a good article on testing the meter setting: https://zeen101.com/hardening-metered-paywall-can-triple-paid-subscriptions/ I wouldn’t use time based limiters as visitors have different reading speeds and get interrupted, etc 
  3. We have individual article restrictions (Leaky Visibility setting) so you can make any article always free (or always requiring a subscription) on the post edit screen
  4. Incognito browsers: We can configure your site to detect and block visitors that use incognito browsers but it creates a new level of problems as many visitors use incognito as their default.. especially in government. Incognito is still affected by the Leaky Paywall meter but only for that reading session
  5. Payment gateway: We support Stripe.com and PayPal by default, CyberSource and ESPComp.com (requires some setup), and can configure other gateways. We highly recommend Stripe to give both you and your subscribers a state-of-the-art experience. 
  6. Subscription levels: You can sell daily, weekly, monthly, annual subscriptions, both one time and recurring
  7. You can offer coupons, gift subscriptions, corporate subscriptions (both email based and IP exceptions), as well as a premium archive access level (you can charge more for older archive content). See our addons
  8. Removing ads for subscribers: Yes. If you use our Ad Dropper plugin to display ads you can set it to hide ads for logged in subscribers
  9. Tracking behavior of logged in subscribers can be accomplished via Google analytics https://support.google.com/analytics/answer/3123666
  10. Leaky Paywall meter: it counts articles read based on browser, so yes users can bounce around with different browsers. We have found users typically stick to the same browsers
  11. Leaky Paywall: you can turn it off at any time. Anyone who has paid has a WP user in the database
  12. Conversion percentages are pretty impossible to provide as it depends on content, audience and pricing. The best way to maximize subscriptions is through testing. Also proper email marketing, social marketing, content packaging are an essential for growth. Here is a video worth watching on how to leverage your archives a sell a premium archive subscription level: https://zeen101.com/metered-paywall-doubled-subscriptions-texas-news-publisher/