Leaky Paywall Settings

General Settings

Leaky Paywall Settings

Page for Log In

Choose the page you want your log in form to be displayed on. You will need to add the [ leaky_paywall_login ] shortcode to the page and any other content you want. Note new subscribers will directed here to start their subscription process (by first submitting their email address).

Page for Subscription

Choose the page you want your subscription information to be displayed on. Users will be directed to this page after they click on the link in their log in email. Add the [ leaky_paywall_subscription ] shortcode to the page. After subscribing, subscription information will be displayed here.

Subscribe or Log in Message

This is the message that is displayed in the subscribe message. You can customize the message with your own HTML and the replacement variable {{SUBSCRIBE_LOGIN_URL}}.

Note the free Article Countdown Nag add-on overrides this and will let readers know how many free posts/articles they can read until they need to subscribe.

Upgrade Message

This is the message that is displayed when a user must upgrade their account to view content. You can customize the message with your own HTML and the replacement variable {{SUBSCRIBE_LOGIN_URL}}.

CSS Style

Choose the default CSS styling for the plugin, or choose none to remove default styling.

Leaky Paywall Email Settings

Leaky Paywall Email Settings

Site Name

Enter the name of your site. This will be displayed in the subject line of the log in email.

From Name

Enter the from name for the log in email.

From Email

Enter the from email for the log in email.

Payment Gateway Settings

Leaky Paywall Payment Gateway Settings

Enabled Gateways

Select whether to use Stripe, Paypal Standard, or both.

Test Mode

Check the box if you are testing the subscriptions on a development site. Note when testing you can enter a dummy credit card number: 4242424242424242 and anything else to test the transaction.

Stripe Settings

Enter the Live Secret Key, Live Publishable Key, Test Secret Key, and Test Publishable Key. These can be found in your Stripe account.

  1. In Stripe, click on your user profile in the top right corner of the dashboard
  2. Click Account Settings
  3. Click API Keys
  4. Copy and paste the keys in your plugin’s settings page



Choose the currency that your payment gateway will be using. Applies to both Stripe and Paypal. The choices are US dollars, pounds sterling, or Euros. Make sure your payment gateway is set to accept the same currency as what you choose here, or the payment will not go through.

Content Restriction

Leaky Paywall Content Restriction

Limited Article Cookie Expiration

Choose length of time before resetting the cookie that limits a user’s access to content. Resetting the cookie means that the user once again has access to the specified amount of allowed content.

Restrict PDF Downloads

Restrict PDF downloads to only logged in members.


Choose the amount of free content a user is allowed to access. Choose from post type on your site (posts, pages, articles, etc) and enter the number allowed. Enter -1 for unlimited. Click “Add New Restricted Content” to create a new restriction field.

Subscription Levels

Leaky Paywall Subscription Levels

Subscription Name

Enter the name of the subscription level. Click “Add New Level” to create multiple subscription options.


Check if you want the subscription to be recurring.

Subscription Price

Enter the price for the subscription level. (e.g. 5.95)

Subscription Length

Choose forever for an unlimited subscription. Choose “Limited for…” to specify how long the subscription lasts. Enter the number and choose days, weeks, months, or years.

Access Options

Choose the type of access allowed and for which post type. Choose “Unlimited” for unlimited access. Choose “Limit to…” to enter the number of allowed content. The post type dropdown will include the post types available on your site (e.g. Posts, Pages, Articles, etc.). Click “Add New Post Type” to create multiple access options.