Does your reader need to read your publication in an app?

The short answer is yes… because your apps make it easier to read your content and brings your reader closer to you, the publisher.

According to Nielson:

89% of media consumption is consumed on mobile apps

Only 11% of media is consumed on mobile web. Check out their nifty chart:


So YES, if you run a publication, you need to publish into apps.

Well this data is shiny and great but…

What do readers actually think?

We have some firsthand knowledge from subscribers and they agree almost 100%. We launched the DKonPittsburgSports iOS and Android apps recently and DK posted about it. Check out these quotes taken right off the 88 comments on DK’s app announcement:

So glad to have this app. Make it a lot easier to read at work while on break

This beats the old way of accessing the site! Well done!

You just made my life a lil easier DK!

Love, love, love the app!! Love having DK on Pittsburgh Sports anytime, anywhere!

Congrats DK
Easy to use
Looks great

Man alive…this app looks nice. Well done!

Sweet app, much easier to access now. Thanks

I’ve been pestering both my brother and father for months to sign up and as of yesterday I’m 1 for 2 with the second almost there (hoping the iPod app pushes him to sign up).

Notice a trend? It’s easier

If you think about what subscribers are saying (and what Nielson is reporting), you will quickly understand that having DK in their pocket, on the go, and to be able to easily read articles anywhere helps DK move 1 big step closer to his audience. At currently 9,000 paying subscribers (signed up in just 8 months) it’s hard to argue with his success.

We like easy today… no we love easy. With all the things that get in your way of enjoying what you like, having an app to read local news, sports, cooking tips, insert-niche-here… makes life easier for your reader. And today easy is in such demand that readers are willing to pay a premium for it.

1917What about push notifications?

Yes push notifications are arguably the finest way of reaching your reader today. And don’t forget about the impact that badges (the icons that display how many new articles have been posted since your reader last opened the app) have in motivating your reader to open your app and read what’s new.

Essentially these notifications enhance the relationship between you and your reader by letting you quickly and conveniently reach out and talk to readers on a device that is usually with them all the time.

The pitch

If you use WordPress and need an easy way to provide iOS and Android apps to your readers then head over to to find out how fast, powerful, and inexpensive it is to put your publication in your reader’s pocket.

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