Ad Dropper

Ad Dropper makes it a snap to add, manage, and track ads anywhere on your WordPress site.

Ad Dropper makes it a snap to add, manage, and track ads anywhere on your WordPress site. Create multiple ad zones: header, footer, sidebar, and in-content. Create any type of ad with the WordPress editor: banner, text, video, or insert ad code. Assign 1 or more ads to your ad zones. Ad Dropper is Lightweight and tracks realtime views and clicks for each ad.

How Ad Dropper works:

1. Set up ad zones for where you want ads to appear

  • Create the ad zones you need in the Ad Zones setting: Header, Footer, Sidebar, in-content, etc.

Multiple ads will randomly rotate through with each page reload.


2. Use the WordPress editor to create any type of ad

  • Banner ads
  • Text + images
  • Video
  • Ad code from third party ad networks


3. Drop ads anywhere in your publication

A. Use Ad Dropper shortcodes in your content:


B. And use the Ad Dropper widget for sidebar, header, footer widget, etc:


Tracks ad views and clicks


Can hide ads from paid subscribers in Leaky Paywall


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Version 1.3.0

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