Send Leaky Paywall notifications to your Slack account: new subscribers, cancellations, failed payments

From: $49.00

An integration with Leaky Paywall and MagHub. Let Leaky Paywall manage content access and MagHub be your subscriber source-of-truth.

From: $195.00

Unlock 100s of payment gateways. Control content access with Leaky Paywall and payments/subscriber data in WooCommerce.

From: $199.00

Integrate Leaky Paywall with MailChimp by automatically adding new subscribers to specific MailChimp lists based on what subscription level they purchase, both free and paid. Annual purchase: Includes priority support and updates.

From: $99.00

The Multisite plugin lets you run Leaky Paywall on two or more subsites with one WordPress multisite installation.

From: $395.00

Ad Dropper makes it a snap to add, manage, and track ads anywhere on your WordPress site.

From: $59.00