Leaky Paywall – Corporate Subscriptions

This add-on is perfect for selling subscriptions to companies and organizations and restricting access by domain or email address. Annual purchase: Includes priority support, updates, add-ons.

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Leaky Paywall – Corporate Subscriptions

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Let anyone with @uniquedomain.url access your content.

This add-on for Leaky Paywall is perfect for selling subscriptions to companies and organizations. Once an organization is setup EG: @abccompany.anything or *.edu all their employees with a matching email address will have access to your site.

Corporate_Group_Subscription___RxTrace Welcome_Corporate_Group_User___RxTrace Welcome_to_Rxtrace_-_pcrericson_gmail_com_-_Gmail

How it works

You set up the domain that will have access to your content in the WordPress dashboard

A reader in a participating organization enters their email address, is emailed a confirmation link, and gains access to your publication. Each person that accesses your site this way gets set up as a new individual subscriber so they can manage their email and password on the Leaky Paywall My Account page.

RxTrace_Subscriber_Login___RxTrace My_Account___RxTrace