Issue-PDF output sample

The Issue-to-PDF plugin turns any issue created with the IssueM plugin into a PDF, ready to print. It preserves basic formatting (bold, italics, image wrapping, etc). Readers can download your PDF issues from  your issue Archives page or you can download PDFs from the Issues menu in the WP dashboard.

See it in action here (click the PDF download link).


  • Outputs your cover image on the 1st page
  • Adds a table of contents (optional)
  • Adds page numbering (optional)
  • Preserves your formatting (bold, italics, and image wrapping)
  • Add a page break after each article (optional)
  • Paper size output options: 8.5 x 11 or A4

Please note:

  1. Installation: Due to the inclusion of the mPDF library, the plugin is 12megs+ and will likely require a manual upload (FTP) to WordPress
  2. The recommended PHP Memory Limit is 32MB or 64MB in your hosting environment (PDFs are large and need some horsepower to load)
  3. The WordPress Orderby menu field controls the order of the article output

Dashboard/Issues view:

IssueM PDF on Issues page
Dashboard/Issues View

Past Issues/Archives view:


Dashboard options:


Thanks! I really like the IssueM and the Issue-to-PDF addon. Great products!

Anne – University of Wyoming College of Agriculture

Issue-to-PDF add-on

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