Leaky Paywall – Conditional Display Notice

Add a promotion bar to your website’s header to motivate subscriptions, donations, or to display messaging that targets a specific subscriber level. Displays a conditional message to your subscribers based on their Leaky Paywall level. Perfect for targeting free subscribers and encouraging them to pay for a premium subscription, make a donation, or for premium subscribers to up-sell a unique super-premium product.

Your message will appear to subscribers based upon the level they are logged in as:


  • Turn the notice on/off whenever you’d like.
  • Add your own custom message message, including a link.
  • Set the message to display to users based on their subscription level.
  • Set when you would like for the notice to appear — after a user has read X number or articles(s). You can even alternate when the notice appears: Ex: every 2, 4, 8 articles so it disappears and reappears based on the number of articles read.
  • Style the colors of your message to match your site’s branding.

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