Leaky Paywall – Multiple Levels

Give your subscribers the plan they want.

  • Give your readers different subscription options by creating an almost unlimited number of free and paid subscription levels
  • Supports our Name Your Price add-on so you can offer free, paid, and donation levels
  • If you want to learn more about whether to set up subscriptions, memberships, or take donates you will want to check out this podcast (spoiler: set them all up)

multiple levels

Easily create any type of subscription level. For example,

  • Sell a monthly recurring plan (requires Recurring Payments add-on)
  • Sell an annual subscription plan
  • Sell a one time forever access
  • Offer limited free access in exchange for a reader’s email address

Works with any post type so you can sell access to posts, calendars, forums, and more.

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Current Version 1.3.0

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