Leaky Paywall – Trials

Create a trial for any recurring level

  • Allow subscribers to sign up for a trial to any recurring level (requires Recurring Payments plugin) in Leaky Paywall.
  • Enable trials on a per level basis.
  • Set up a free or paid trial
  • For paid trials, set the amount off the first payment by either a percentage or flat discount.
  • For free trials, set how many days the trial will last before their billing starts.
  • The subscriber’s payment details will be taken during registration, but the subscriber will not be charged until the free trial is completed.
  • A subscriber has the ability to cancel their subscription on their profile page before the end of the free trial and not be charged.
  • In the Leaky Paywall subscriber table you can see all subscribers who have a trial, and what date their billing will start.


  • Must be using Stripe payment gateway
  • Only works on recurring levels, not one time payments

Free Trial Settings on a Level

Paid Trial Settings on a Level

Trial Message on Subscribe Cards

Trial Message on Registration Form

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Current Version 1.7.0

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