Facebook instant articles… should you jump in or is it AOL all over again?

This is a short and good article to get you thinking about Facebook’s Instant Articles offering. I think testing is a valid path but losing control of your relationship with your reader is something to be very careful about.

Facebook can change their mind at any time and you are limited in your approach on their platform. Paid subscriptions and innovative advertising approaches won’t work here, but if you are looking for pure reader traffic it’s worth a look.

Towards the end of last year, our crew at HBR.org started to wonder whether Facebook’s Instant Articles would be a good fit for us to try. Sure, scads of newspapers had jumped aboard FB Instant—the Washington Post was among the most noticeable. And, why not? FB renders articles as advertised, instantly— making for a delightful mobile experience.

Source: Five big questions for publishers in 2016 | News | FIPP.com

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