More Value for Your Audience
More Effective for Your Advertisers

The AccessAds plugin for WordPress revolutionizes banner advertising.

AccessAds is a new form of web advertising. Instead of selling space in your publication, you’re selling access to a space within your publication. You simply collect a recurring monthly fee and grant advertisers access to your AccessAds marketplace. They post ads whenever they like. It’s less work for you, and prevents stale advertising. Great for niche topics or local communities. It’s a perfect hands-off revenue stream.

See it in action as a Marketplace at (Each advertiser can post their promotion any time of day)

Sell Access. Not Ads.

Instead of selling static and cluttering display ads, give your advertisers access to easily publish their promotions on your site any time of day, to your most premium ad spot. Think of it as native advertising meets banner ads.

More Profit per Pixel

Advertisers get to post their promotions any time of day, with photos and even video, right in your most premium ad location… the advertiser that posts a promotion last gets the top spot. This encourages advertisers to log in frequently and publish their offers.


  • Readers get fresh and relevant promotions
  • Advertisers get instant access to your best ad spot
  • You (the publisher) get to charge a recurring fee to give each advertiser access to your community