A Welcome Return to Issue Publishing

The free IssueM plugin brings issue publishing to the digital world. Return some sanity to your digital publishing schedule. Give your readers the gift of anticipation. Join the thousands of other publishers using IssueM to deliver their high-quality content in a familiar and proven format.

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Easy & Effective

We designed IssueM to be easy to use. The way it works is simple:

Upon activation, IssueM creates a new post type in your WordPress site called Articles. You simply create your articles and assigned them to an issue. Once your issue is ready to go live, just change your issue to Live status. The last issue created automatically becomes the current issue and is immediately displayed on your Current Issue page. All your published issues remain available on your Past Issues page and are displayed beautifully by their cover images.

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The Power of IssueM


Ready to go issue layout

Choose your current issue & archive pages, add the Active Issue widget, and your issues are ready for prime time.

The Baffler's beautiful past issues archive, created by IssueM.

Creates easy to browse past issues

Your Archives page automatically loads up all your past issues for easy browsing. Issue URLs are preserved to keep attracting visitors from search.


Your readers always know what issue they are in

The Active Issue widget always displays what issue you are reading


Display your current issue articles in your sidebar

Every issue can display your current issue articles using the Article List widget


Easily add articles

Assign articles to issues, choose what gets featured, provide author credit and teaser excerpts. Launch your issue in 1 click.


Easily assign feature articles

With a checkbox, articles can automatically display in the Feature Rotator and Feature Thumbnail sections


Responsive & works with any theme

If your theme is mobile responsive, your articles and issues will look great on mobile devices. Works with any theme.


Publish a blog with your issues for in between news

You can even migrate selected blog posts into special issues. See our Migration plugin


Developer friendly

Get stuck into IssueM development via github. Fork our public repository and help us become the #1 platform for magazine and news sites

“We have a person on staff and part of what he does is going through the very old articles. He’s making sure each article from every issue is available individually and responsive on our website and apps. It’s a huge amount of work, but every time we publish an old or new article, they can be indexed by Google and become searchable.

–Miguel Monroy – Modern Drummer Magazine

Take A Peek Inside IssueM…

Join our intrepid leader, Pete, as he takes you on a tour of IssueM’s front-end features and back-end management. As you will see, publishing digital issues has never been easier. IssueM gives you the ease and economy of digital publishing, while giving your readers the excitement, familiarity, and reliability of issues.

Want to Turbocharge Your Issues? Try These Add-Ons for IssueM.


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Issue-to-PDF Export

The Issue-to-PDF plugin turns any issue created with the IssueM plugin into a ready-to-print PDF. It preserves basic formatting (bold, italics, image wrapping, etc). View Details


Post-to-Issue Importer

Want to migrate your posts (or any other post type) into your IssueM issues? This is the add-on to do it. Migrate posts, pages, and other post types into your selected issue. View Details


Advanced Search

Give readers a powerful way to find your articles with the Advanced Search add-on. Placing just one shortcode on your search page will output issues, article categories, and keywords. View Details


Issue Scheduler

Schedule an issue to go live at a specific date and time, automatically. View Details