It's time to step up from your PDF flip-book

The IssueM plugin brings issue publishing to the modern reader.

Win in search, social, and on mobile

IssueM creates regular web articles that the modern reader is already comfortable with. These articles are simply organized by issue. Web based articles get promoted in search... and readers will actually share your articles in social media.

How it works

Upon activation, IssueM creates a new post type in your WordPress site called Articles. You simply create an issue, create your articles and assigned them to the issue. When you are ready you can take the issue live. All your published issues remain available on your past issues page and are organized by their cover images.

Check out how LandLine Media puts IssueM to work.

Note, the layout IssueM produces will inherit some of the styling on your website. You will likely want to further style the output via CSS to match your brand.

Growth via search, social, and mobile

IssueM issues transforms the way you promote your publication. Since all articles are real web articles (not PDFs or flip-books), they look great on mobile devices, naturally rank in search, and can be shared socially by your fans. IssueM let's you run better performing social campaigns and aggressively capture email addresses to build your lists... like never before.

Website traffic growth from search engines
Social growth: Promotes running aggressive social sharing campaigns with 100% of your content
Promotes aggressive email list building

The Power of IssueM

Ready to go issue layout

Choose your current issue & archive pages, add the Active Issue widget, and your issues are ready for prime time.

Easy-to-browse past issues

Your past issues page loads up all your issues. Issue URLs are preserved to keep attracting visitors from search

Developer friendly

Feel like contributing to the plugin? head over to github. Fork our public repository and join the #1 WordPress issue publisher for magazine and news sites

Get found in Google

Every article of every issue shows up in Google search, sending you significantly more potential readers

Works with any theme

If your theme is mobile responsive, your articles and issues will look great on mobile devices

Your apps are ready already

UniPress let’s you easily publish into the Apple and Google app stores. Manage subscribers, ads, push notifications and more right in WordPress

Share all your articles virally

IssueM lets you share every individual article you publish in Facebook, Twitter and the rest

Ultimate customizations

Configure issues and articles any way you like through widgets & shortcodes. Add some CSS to make your issues shine

Super documentation

Get started and see what's possible with our help docs. It's time to release your content from your PDFs


Ready to take IssueM to the next level? Check out our Add-ons

“We have a person on staff and part of what he does is going through the very old articles. He’s making sure each article from every issue is available individually and responsive on our website and apps. Every time we publish an old or new article, they can be indexed by Google and become searchable.

–Miguel Monroy – Modern Drummer Magazine