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Recurring Payments
Generate more revenue for your publication by adding recurring payments to your subscription levels. Subscribers will be charged automatically when its time for their subscription to renew. View Details

Leaky Paywall – MailChimp

Integrate Leaky Paywall with MailChimp by automatically adding new subscribers to specific MailChimp lists based on what subscription level they purchase, both free and paid. Annual purchase: Includes priority support. View Details


Premium Archive Access

Automatically archive your articles/posts after X number of days. Only a premium level subscriber will have access to your archived content. Annual purchase: Includes priority support, updates. View Details


Coupon Code Generator

Create unlimited coupon codes. Assign them to individual subscription levels and more. Annual purchase: Includes priority support, updates, add-ons. View Details


Leaky Paywall – Multisite

The Multisite plugin lets you run Leaky Paywall on two or more subsites with one WordPress multisite installation. View Details


Leaky Paywall – Bulk Import Subscribers

A premium add-on for Leaky Paywall that allows you to bulk import subscribers into Leaky Paywall from a CSV file. Annual purchase: Includes priority support, updates, add-ons. View Details


Gift Subscriptions

Generate more subscriptions to your publication by letting friends and family buy gift subscriptions! View Details


Reporting Tool

Filter and download the subscriber info you need. Open your downloaded CSV file in Excel or other spreadsheet program to analyze your subscriptions. View Details


Restrict files to subscribers

Obfuscate any link to any file (PDF, image, etc) in your media library. Requires user to have a valid Leaky Paywall subscription before downloading content. View Details


Leaky Paywall – Multiple Levels

Give your readers different subscription options by creating an unlimited number of subscriber levels. Annual purchase: Includes priority support, updates, add-ons. View Details


IP Exceptions add-on

Bulk add IP address ranges to Leaky Paywall. The IP addresses will allow visitors from those IP’s to view articles and posts without having to subscribe. View Details


Article Countdown Nag add-on

Let the reader know how many free articles/posts they have left before they need to subscribe. View Details


Corporate Subscriptions

This add-on is perfect for selling subscriptions to companies and organizations and restricting access by domain or email address. Annual purchase: Includes priority support, updates, add-ons. View Details


Ad Dropper

Ad Dropper makes it a snap to add, manage, and track ads anywhere on your WordPress site. View Details


Allow subscribers to sign up for a trial to any recurring level (requires Recurring Payments plugin) in Leaky Paywall. View Details

Name Your Price

Accept donations and “name your own price” payments with Leaky Paywall. Let the subscriber set their own price for a level. View Details