Leaky Paywall is built to grow your audience, paid subscriptions, and create new content products.  It's the first and most flexible WordPress-based paywall for news and magazine publishers.

For 1000+ publishers it restricts content the way they need it. Its superpower is to attract, enroll, and engage readers over time to generate multiple revenue streams.

Open source, revenue share free, we believe your data is truly yours... and Leaky Paywall integrates with the CRMs you already use.

Control access to: articles, categories, custom post types, in-content sections, premium newsletters, video, time based archive content, issue publishing, advertising, and even iOS & Android apps.

Leaky Paywall is SCA, GDPR compliant, and we are a Stripe Verified Partner

Watch this video to learn how Leaky Paywall opens the door to more revenue streams


Leaky Paywall transforms the way you promote your publication. Articles naturally rank higher in search, are shared socially by your fans...and it let's you run more effective social campaigns and capture email addresses...like never before.

Website traffic growth from search engines in 1 year

* Modern Drummer

Social growth: 2000% increase in Twitter Engagements
* The Practice
Organic new subscriber growth from search engines and social media sharing
* Small Boats


Leaky Paywall lets your site content be monetized in ways you never imagined. Not only can you meter articles, you can also sell: premium levels of archive access, comments access, access to special issues, early email editions, articles in iOS and Android apps, sell the ability to post on event calendars, forums, classifieds, and more.

Boost in digital revenue after launching Leaky Paywall
* Modern Drummer
Increase in revenue due to the ability to sell premium access to archives, comments, event calendar posting, classified advertising posting, forum privileges, and more
* Austin Monitor
Percent of revenue Leaky Paywall charges per transaction
That's right...nothing. Standard credit card fees apply

Leaky Paywall Features

Flexible Metered Paywall

Restrict access by content type, category, time based archives, or in-content sections. Offer tiered free-to-paid access to build your email lists

Powerful subscription options

Set up multiple subscription options to sell access to premium and premium+ content... via metered, hybrid, hard, or free subscription options

Group subscriptions

Sell subscriptions to organizations and groups. Allow access by IP address, corporate email address, and by number of seats

Easy subscriber management

Add, edit, and quickly search subscribers. Download reports by expiration, price, level, etc. for easy subscriber management. GDPR  and SCA compliant

Get found in search

Our Leaky Paywall meter lets all your article content be scanned by Google. This lets your articles rank higher in search, and attracts more website traffic

Explode your email lists

Create a free subscription option with limited access to grow your email lists. Offer opt-in newsletters using our MailChimp Groups integration

Flex the WordPress user table

Add more benefits by integrating with third party WordPress plugins to let subscribers post classifieds, comments, calendar events and more

Your apps are ready already

UniPress let’s you easily publish into the Apple and Google app stores. Manage subscribers, ads, push notifications and more right in WordPress

Share all your articles virally

Leaky Paywall lets readers share all your articles on social media. Sharing is motivated as your article content is displayed fully to each new reader

Payment & Privacy

Preconfigured for Stripe, PayPal & Apple Pay. Leaky Paywall is SCA and GDPR compliant. We are a Stripe Verified Partner


Leaky Paywall integrates with HubSpot, ZOHO, MagHub, ESP, PCS, Palm Coast Data, RunMags, SimpleCirc, and others. Supports server side caching


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Looking to integrate?

Leaky Paywall integrates with the following providers (get in touch if you need an integration with another service or CRM):

“If you like the sound of the metered paywall model…
then the Leaky Paywall plugin is your best choice.” —WPMU

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