History and Progress

Spotlight News has been covering local news from the Capital District of New York for more than 60 years.

Those years of experience have given them a solid instinct for advertising, even when moving forward into the world of web-based publishing.

Their online publication is good but what Spotlight News has really nailed is sponsored content.

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Better Than Banner Ads

Sponsored content is the future of digital advertising. It works like this: you have an idea for a piece of content on, say, changes in health coverage. You approach a local hospital or healthcare provider and ask if they would pay to sponsor the content – to add their name and logo and expertise to your article.

It’s a win for both you: you get ad money and good content and they get noticed as part of the newsfeed, not a flashing distraction from it.

And it doesn’t have to be a whole new piece of content, either.

IssueM makes it easy to quickly pull articles into a special issue. Find a business interested in your topic – January basketball or local eateries – and get them to sponsor your special issue. (Special issues you can do now, sponsorship functionality is coming soon…)

Or, you can do what Spotlight News does: find sponsors for your sections and especially for your photo galleries.

Worth A Thousand Words

Spotlight’s section sponsorships are a simple device. The header for certain news sections – ‘What’s Brewing?’ or ‘Latest News’ – comes attached to a logo and a declaration of sponsorship.

It’s not particularly fancy, but it gets name recognition for the businesses involved.

The photo galleries are the real masterpiece.

Spotlight News’ does a great job of curating photos of local events – concerts and sports and so on. Local businesses are given the opportunity to sponsor not only the gallery as a whole but to get their logo and name attached to each individual picture.

Think about it: there’s a natural draw to these kinds of galleries. A concert for a popular band is a draw. If you went, you might see a photo of yourself in the audience. If you didn’t, you still get to see images of people you admire.

It’s also a prime attraction for proud sports parents, seeking to relieve their child’s glory moments.

And with a gallery, who stops at one photo? It’s only natural to flip through the whole collection. With a logo on each photo…how many times was the logo of the sponsor subconsciously associated with something the viewer likes?

However you look at it, Spotlight News has discovered a great way to make sponsored content really work for them and their format.

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