Are you in the process of building your digital publication? Start building your lead list now.

Now it’s easier than ever to start promoting your site – with minimal work – and a huge payoff.

seedprod-logo-navyThe plugin, SeedProd, is a powerful, yet easy-to-use product that can give you a head start if you’re in the process of building any site on the WordPress platform. If you’re building a publication, start by enticing your potential subscribers to sign up for updates and future subscription offers.

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SeedProd allows you to quickly build a “Coming soon” page while you work in the background. Very little WordPress experience is necessary.

Tea Journey is a great example of a publication that has taken advantage of SeedProd to start the ‘buzz’ around their publication now, even though the official launch will not be for 4 months. This page was an important part of their detailed marketing plan for the site.


After you set up your WordPress dashboard, purchase SeedPro, install the plugin, and you’re ready to roll. In your WordPress dashboard, under Settings > Coming Soon Pro, the page settings have much of what you need to set up your page in just a few minutes.

  1. Upload a logo
  2. Enter some headline text
  3. Enter some body text if you need it.
  4. If you’d like a background image (like TeaJourney) – simply upload the image on their Design Settings tab. You can also have a slideshow or video to help promote your message.
  5. You can also upload a favicon in the Page Settings area to strengthen your branding.



Start building a mailing list with many of the on-line mailing services such as MailChimp, Constant Contact, MailPoet, FeedBlitz, DripAWeber and others. Or you can have a simple Gravity Forms form on the page (if you’re looking for more than a person’s name and email address) that links to your preferred email service provider. You’ll need to sign up for one of the above mentioned services before you set this up on your dashboard.



To track your page views and data – set up a Google Analytics account and paste the embed code in the Page Settings area. By the time your website is up and running, you’ll already have data to get you started in marketing the site and pitching the site to potential advertisers.


Brazilian Magazine OcaPop used SeedProd to build their mailing list and took advantage of it's social sharing features.
Brazilian Magazine, OcaPop, used SeedProd to build their mailing list and took advantage of it’s social sharing features.

SeedProd’s share buttons (optional) encourage your leads to share with their friends. You can also include links to all of your social media outlets.


There are so many other options to this plugin, you just need to jump over to their site to read through the features. They’ve thought of everything.

SeedProd is the go-to plugin for our developers at ZEEN101 and is a simple for you to set up if you have some knowledge of WordPress. Make this one of your first steps to a successful digital publication.