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The #1 metered paywall solution for WordPress.

Part of the zeen101 platform for publishers.

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“If you like the sound of the metered paywall model…
then the Leaky Paywall plugin is your best choice.


Leaky Paywall lets every published article get found in Google search and share socially via Facebook and the rest. It handles posts, issues, and integrates with UniPress for easy publishing to the Apple and Google app stores.

Try a demo, check out the included add-ons, and view our showcase to see how our customers are using Leaky Paywall.



Metered Paywall

Let your readers view X number of free articles per Y number of days, before they need to subscribe


Get found in Google

Every article and blog post shows up in Google search, sending you significantly more potential subscribers


Allows your articles to be shared virally

Each one of your blog posts/articles can be shared on Facebook, Twitter, etc 1000’s of times. The paywall only prompts an individual browser that decides to view more of your articles


Offer multiple subscription levels

Offer subscribers an unlimited selection of subscription options, recurring or one time. Subscribers can upgrade/downgrade seamlessly


Offer one subscription to multiple publications

Leaky Paywall allows you to set up multiple publications as subsites in a WordPress multisite installation. This lets you manage individual publication subscriptions in one dashboard


Build your email list with a “Free” subscription level

Give your readers a few more articles in return for their email address. Simple, promotable, powerful.


Apple and Android app publishing

Leaky Paywall synchs with UniPress which let’s you easily publish into the Apple and Google app stores. Manage subscribers, banner ads, push notifications and more right in WordPress


Granular content restriction

Optionally set any article as: always publicly viewable or viewable only by subscribers


Easy subscriber management

Add, edit, and search for subscribers. Easily upgrade a WordPress User to a subscription level


My Account page

The subscribers My Account page lets them change their personal info, see what they are subscribed to, update their credit card info (with Stripe), cancel their subscriptions, log in and out


Subscriber database synchs with WordPress users

This lets you tap into your users with other WordPress plugins, while keeping your subscriber info separate and clean


Bulk import subscribers

Need to add subscribers from another system? Import your CSV file in a snap. Fields supported: username, email, price, expires, status


Offer Stripe & PayPal Payments

Accept all major credit cards through Stripe and/or PayPal (Business, Premium or greater). Offer one time payment or recurring subscriptions


Collect Payments in Multiple Currencies

Leaky Paywall now gives you the option to collect payments in 138 different currencies


Tight API integration

Live web hooks for PayPal and Stripe to communicate with your site. If a subscriber unsubscribes in Stripe or PayPal, the user on your site is automatically updated

Priority support

Priority support

We will help you every step of the way to keep your publication running smoothly… from setup to maintenance questions. 8 hour response time during business hours

Leaky Paywall Add-ons

Extend the functionality of Leaky Paywall with the following add-ons

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This free add-on allows publishers to bulk add IP address ranges to Leaky Paywall. The IP addresses will allow visitors from those IP’s to view articles and posts without having…

This free add-on creates an Article Countdown Nag for the Leaky Paywall plugin. Lets the reader know how many free articles/posts they have left before they need to subscribe. Can be…

Ad Dropper makes it a snap to add, manage, and track ads anywhere on your WordPress site. Create multiple ad zones: header, footer, sidebar, and in-content. Create any type of ad…

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This free Subscriber Downloads add-on let's you obfuscate any link to any file (PDF, image, etc) in your media library. Requires user to have a valid Leaky Paywall subscription before…

“The site’s doing well, thanks, and I like the flexibility of Leaky Paywall. 

Jim @ Insider Surveillance

Special thanks to contributors who have provided us with translations for the Leaky Paywall plugin.