You run a metered paywall. Your articles are getting found in Google search and they are getting shared in Facebook. Your readers arrive at your site and comb through more articles. They are interested. They might subscribe.

How do you encourage them?

Do what the Austin Monitor does:

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Make them want to read the blurred text

The Austin Monitor gives away 5 free articles with our Leaky Paywall. On the 6th article they sneak in an image which (placed under their teaser text) blurs the text. This blurred text creates a strong sense of premium content. It eases the transition from free and readable to “now-you-need-to-pay.”

It works. This visual approach makes the reader “want” to read the blurred text. The only way to satisfy that want is to pay you for full access.

Implementation is a snap.

All you have to do is insert your blurred text image below your excerpt text when your meter is triggered. If you use Leaky Paywall then you simply need to add the image to the Subscribe or Login Message field in the Dashboard. The 2 red subscribe and login boxes can also be easily added to this field.

Tell your developer that you need this now!