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Our WordPress powered publishing platform promotes effective digital strategy and delivers new paying subscribers. With an industry-leading metered paywall, award-winning issue publisher, ready-to-go iOS and Android apps, and our revolutionary hands-off ad platform... We make digital publishing easy and profitable.

Leaky Paywall

Your publication's growth and profit engine

Leaky Paywall has been engineered to meet the specific needs of news and magazine publishers. It's designed to promote 100% of your articles in search and on social platforms...which explodes the traditional approach to marketing content. 

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Your iOS & Android apps are ready already

Your iOS and Android apps are ready to roll… With UniPress we will build your apps toautomatically publish your news blog content, issue content, push notifications, advertising, and even your app menu...right from WordPress. If you sell paid subscriptions, Leaky Paywall seamlessly integrates with your apps for a true one-dashboard workflow.



Award-winning issue publisher for WordPress

Our IssueM toolkit allows publishers to produce real web-based issues that get found in search, share in social, and look great on mobile. Finally... a sane solution that replaces PDFs and flip-books.

Join the thousands of other publishers using our powerful IssueM tools to deliver their high-quality content in a format that’s familiar and proven.



Your new revenue stream is here

LiveMarket creates a useful marketplace by letting advertisers serve up fresh and relevant promotions, in seconds. Readers can easily see what’s new, advertisers can promote 24/7, and publishers enjoy a hands-off, recurring income stream.


Anvil Managed

Publishing strategy meets digital platform

Our Anvil digital publishing platform handles all the tech, helps you discover and delight the modern reader, and converts paying subscribers.

Anvil takes the guesswork out of building a profitable digital publication.


Whopping success

Read more about how to knock paid subscriptions out of the park:

Daily Double-Digit Subscriber Growth

40 year old Modern Drummer magazine has added 1000’s of new paid digital subscribers since launching on Anvil this year and is seeing an increase in print subscriptions.

Read Modern Drummer’s Story ›

Apps Power 50% of New Subscriptions

Tea Journey is the 3rd-most-funded Kickstarter publication ever. After launching on Anvil it immediately added 1500 new paid digital subscriptions. 50% signed up through our iOS and Android app platform.

Read Tea Journey’s Story ›

From 0 to 1000 New Organic Subscribers

In the months since Small Boat Monthly switched to Leaky Paywall, the number of organic subscriptions has gone from zero to four digits, with more added daily.

Read the Small Boats Story ›

More awesome things we are doing with publishers

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April 10, 2018

A metered paywall is a powerful tool for increasing your paid subscriptions and ZEEN101’s Leaky Paywall is as user-friendly as it gets. But even the friendliest and most powerful tool can be made more effective with a few tips and tricks. Join us for our FREE webinar and learn how to make the most of your Leaky Paywall! Leaky Paywall Bootcamp Webinar Cost: Free! Who: Any current or prospective user …

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How To Increase Paid Subscriptions Organically With A Weekly Newsletter

March 30, 2018
Newsletter Signup for Organic Subscriptions

The Challenge: An Easy Path To More Subscriptions Military Living is a digital and print publication that de-mystifies travel for military families. In addition to its three travel guides, the website features frequent posts and updates on related topics. A digital subscription includes access to both the guides and the web content. ZEEN101 helped Military Living with its user-friendly web interface and also integrated a metered paywall to protect the value …

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How To Revive Old Content to Attract New Readers

March 16, 2018

Forgotten Treasures All successful publishers eventually run into the same problem: they amass a lot of amazing content that their growing body of readers never think to read. Different types of publishers have different versions of this problem. A quarterly publication may have archived a decade’s worth of back issues that new readers overlook. A news source, on the other hand, may simply have published so many articles in a …

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