Tip: Premium Content Encourages Subscriptions

Leaky Paywalls Boost Subscriptions

The biggest goal for any publication is to increase paid subscriptions. For web-based publications, a tool like Leaky Paywall is a crucial part of achieving that goal.

We’ve talked about how, correctly used, Leaky Paywall can increase visibility on search and create a buzz on social media outlets

It can be used to tempt readers into subscribing with a varying number of free articles. 

A metered paywall can even help publishers with the subscription-driving task of building a robust email list

A New Trick For Premium Readers

We’ve got another Leaky Paywall quick tip for increasing subscriptions: restricting premium content to subscribing readers.

Do you have a wealth of back issues and archives? A treasure trove of video content? A cornucopia of your very, very, very best stuff?

With Leaky Paywall, it is incredibly easy to restrict specific access to specific readers.

Click, Click, Done.

All you have to do to override your global Leaky Paywall setting for a specific page is visit the back-end dashboard of your website.

Find the page you want to restrict.

Scroll down and locate the “Leaky Paywall Visibility” widget and click the drop-down menu. Select which kind of reader or class of subscriber has access. 

Save your changes and you’re done.

Ta-da! Yet another incentive for casual readers to become real subscribers.

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