Overview of how we manage your site

  1. We will host your WordPress site on your own Amazon S3 cloud server
  2. Speed optimize your site through server configurations and site recommendations
  3. Perform daily updates of your WordPress plugins and theme for security and so you always have the latest software versions
  4. Secure your site from malware attacks
  5. Fix anything that goes wrong as a result of
    1. a server configuration
    2. plugin or theme updates
    3. malware injection
  6. Backup your sites nightly and restore if necessary. Backups are stored on a separate backup server in the Amazon N. Virginia data center and a full backup copy is sent to the west coast data center.
  7. SSL site encryption
  8. Give you direct 24/7 access to all your website files (just in case)
  9. Monitor your site 24/7 to ensure your site is up and running

We are the creators of the IssueM, Leaky Paywall and UniPress platforms and currently host hundreds of WordPress sites.

Managed Hosting details for the PubCare Managed plan

  • Amazon S3 cloud server instance: T3A VPS
  • Amazon Cloudfront CDN file server to speed image and file hosting
  • 100 GB of bandwidth transfer (plenty for most publications), 100 GB storage
  • NginX site setup to ensure WordPress site speed optimization
  • Daily backups to Amazon’s S3 backup server. We store a 45 day revision history, any point in time from the last 45 days can be restored
  • Managed 9-5 Monday-Friday (if you need a higher level of service let us know)
  • Alert watch for instant notification if something goes wrong
  • Intrusion detection for real time blocking of threats
  • 24/7 access to all your website files (just in case)

PubCare Managed service details

  • WordPress core software updates to make sure you have the latest and most secure version of WordPress
  • WordPress plugin & theme updates to make sure you have the latest and most secure version of your WordPress plugins and theme
  • Bug-fixes that occur as a result of WordPress, plugin, or app update
  • Complete site restoration if needed
  • Malware removal
  • Just in case website blacklist removal
  • Security monitoring and protection with instant email security warnings.
    • Brute force detection
    • 404 error detection
    • Login limiter: limits the number of login attempts
    • IP address blocking
    • Optional 2 factor authentication (a code is sent to your mobile device code)
    • Strong password enforcement
    • Plugin review, for adding new plugins to your site

This starts you on an Amazon S3 t3A medium server with 4GB of RAM and 100 GB HD space. If your site needs more horsepower we will bump you up to Amazon’s next level of service (we have found this server level is perfect most publications). Upgrade pricing is simply 2x the starting Amazon base price of the new level.

What happens if we need more server horsepower? Here’s how it works:

Increased server size:

We simply double the published Amazon server cost and subtract the previously doubled base rate.

For example: The Amazon t3a.medium rack rate is included in our PubCare Managed plan and is currently $26.28/month. $26.28 x 2 = our $52.56 base rate. Increasing to the next level (t2large server) would be Amazon’s new server cost of $52.56/mo x  2 = $105.12 new base rate. Subtract our previous base rate of $52.56 this would add $52.56 to your monthly cost. There are a number of smaller extra Amazon fees that we absorb:

  1. Site hosting
  2. Bandwidth usage
  3. Backup storage
  4. CDN file server hosting

Increase bandwidth usage

If you handle large volumes or traffic or serve up PDFs or video, bandwidth usage might also affect your pricing. You get 100 GB included which means most of the time there will be no impact. If you do serve up large files such as PDF’s or video straight from the site (YouTube would be served from YouTube’s site and have no impact) and they get popular there may be bandwidth overages. Amazon currently charges $.09/GB of transfer which we simply markup 2x so we can manage it for you.  Over 100 GB of bandwidth we simply charge $0.18/GB

Magazine PDF example:

  • A 90 page PDF magazine is about 23 MB in size or .023 GB
  • We charge $0.18 per GB for extra bandwidth (= Amazon’s $0.09/GB x 2 for our markup)
  • If this PDF is downloaded 43 times (x 23 MB = 1 GB) in a month it would cost you $0.18
  • If you had 100 back issues each being downloaded 43 times per month = 100 x $0.18 = $10.80 extra (100 GB bandwidth). You get 100 GB included for the entire site so it likely would add less.

We have found this transparent pricing structure to be fair and if you have a specific question about your needs please ask.