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You are probably here because you are looking to sell subscriptions & need a rock solid platform.

Our PubCare solution gets you all of our Leaky Paywall software along with the technical and marketing support you need. We help you build your email lists and convert paying subscribers.

Our software and service combination has evolved from almost 10 years of success with digital publishers. We want to share that success with you.


“We’ve had the old-school hard copy magazine for 40 years. But today people want to be able to experience content in an entirely new way. That’s part of the reason we partnered with ZEEN101.”

–Miguel Monroy – Modern Drummer Magazine


The Austin Monitor, an Austin TX newspaper, doubled their paying subscriptions using the archive function of Leaky Paywall. Not only do they sell a standard subscription for current news, they also upsell a premium level subscription for any news over 90 days old.

What's included with PubCare

PubCare gives your the tools and support to help you attract and build digital subscriptions. With an industry-leading metered paywall, award-winning issue publisher, ready-to-go iOS and Android apps, we make digital publishing easy and profitable. Here's what's included:

All software licenses

All 25+ Leaky Paywall and IssueM plugin software licenses are included. You will have access to all updates and new plugins released.

Setup and strategy meetings

We meet and go over your needs, setup, and what's possible. We will make sure you get set up to build your email lists and convert paying subscribers.

Login level support

If  you have any issues with Leaky Paywall we will log in, troubleshoot, and fix the issue. This includes conflicts with other third party plugins. We are on the hook to keep your subscriptions running smoothly.

Live Chat and Priority Email Support

Have questions about our software, email list building, or subscription strategy? Enjoy priority live chat and email support.

Onging performance reviews

We have client success stories to share and our Paywall Podcast. Every 6 months we are available to meet and take your publication to the next level.

Bonus: New software

We have new features and cool software in the pipeline. Start benefitting before they are officially available (Ask about our new Insights beta!).

Mobile apps

Your iOS & Android apps are ready already. Fully integrated with WordPress and Leaky Paywall you can easily give your readers the best content experience available today.

Optional managed hosting

For publishers demanding more and looking for single vendor support. Lightning fast and secure, your publication is hosted on Amazon AWS and is fully managed. Includes service level agreement and all updates to keep you running smoothly.

Custom development

Your publication has unique needs. We love to customize the subscriber experience, build publications, integrate 3rd-party systems, and help you get to the next level.

Take a look at some of the publications we have helped.

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We will help you attract, engage, and build your paying audience.

“We’ve had way more digital subscriptions than we’ve ever had.”

Greg M - Delaware Business Times

"Today we are able to publish monthly issues in a fraction of the time and we generate additional web traffic from our premium content with the metered paywall system similar to the big publishers like the New York Times and others." In addition to the tech, these guys know and understand publishing."

Bob  - Street Photography Magazine

LandLine Media needed a seamlessly integrated site, with immersive, customized content to build a relationship with their audience before asking them to commit to a membership. "Since the relaunch of Land Line Media, we've seen our traffic soar."

Greg  -

"Thanks to ZEEN101 for all the time and attention you’ve devoted to making *The Practice* the site we’ve all hoped it could grow

Hakim  - The Practice

Looking for more success stories... dig in here.

Joining PubCare is Easy

As soon as you sign up you will have access to all our addons. From there we help you set everything up and discuss improving your subscriber signup strategy. We are with you all the way.


  • All the software and a publishing partner to help you attract readers & build subscriptions
  • All Leaky Paywall, IssueM, and Ad Dropper software licenses, new add-ons, and access to updates
  • Initial setup and strategy meetings
  • Ongoing meetings every 6 months to grow future revenues
  • Login level support - with live chat and email support we can log into your site and fix any issues
  • Our Paywall Podcast where we discuss the successes and how-tos of our publisher clients

iOS & Android Apps

  • Put your publication (and subscriptions) in your reader's pocket
  • Our UniPress iOS and Android app platform seamlessly integrates with your WordPress content, Leaky Paywall subscriptions, and IssueM issue publishing
  • Supports custom push notifications and built in offline reading
  • Supports Google's DFP and AdMob ad products in your apps. Generate additional sponsorship revenue from an app-wide ad zone
  • Includes iOS + Android app development under your name, and customized for your brand. We take care of ongoing necessary app updates
  • No setup cost. Monthly fee starts on signup
  • Need a special design or app function? Custom services are available

Managed Hosting

Starts at +$199/mo
  • Complete managed hosting and software solution
  • Our Managed solution is perfect for the publisher tired of struggling with the tech and looking to move to the next level
  • We handle all hosting needs, giving you a fast and stable platform so you can focus on your publication
  • All software updates and fixes - we keep your entire site up to date. Includes 3rd party plugins
  • Speed tuning of your website to deliver your content faster
  • Our highest level of support & active project management to keep your publication growing
  • Service Level Agreement and after hours support. Click here for the details


Words from our Clients

Miguel Monroy -
Modern Drummer
Miguel Monroy - Modern Drummer

Exceeded Our Expectations

“We’ve had the old-school hard copy magazine for 40 years. But it’s 2017 now, and people want to be able to experience content in an entirely new way. That’s part of the reason we partnered with ZEEN101.”

<span style="color: #000000;">Hakim Lakhdar - Harvard Law School</span>
Hakim Lakhdar - Harvard Law School

Time & Attention

"Thank you so much for all the time and attention you’ve devoted to making The Practice the site we’ve all hoped it could grow into."

Dan Bolton -
Tea Journey
Dan Bolton - Tea Journey

Unparalleled Service & Know-How

"You can't do better than doing business with ZEEN101. They are as solid as their iron anvil, but the team is golden."



In a free 20-minute session, we can show you the power of our digital subscription platform, identify how it would turbocharge your publication, and answer any specific questions you may have. Scheduling a demo is absolutely free. After the demo, of course, you’re under no obligation to sign up. There’s no risk and no pressure.

Please fill out the form below. We’ll get back to you as soon as we are able. Thank you!

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“You guys have built a beast of a site. Now we can get back to our publication's original mission, and not have to spend resources fighting our technology.”

–James Baxter – Publisher - iPolitics


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