As a digital publisher you create new content (articles, news, blog posts, etc.) all year long. Take advantage of the content you’ve created (and published on your WordPress site) to put together a bundle of your most helpful and interesting content as a package (or issue, special issue, or ebook) for your customers.  This can be done any time during the year, but also as a holiday or new year’s promotion.



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Magazine publishers bundle content naturally, in issues (in print and digitally). Even if you don’t have a issue-based magazine you can still take advantage of your content to bundle it, whether it’s a group of posts on a particular subject matter that can become a great ‘how-to’ ebook [like the one we offer here on], a compilation of one author’s work, or another type of offering.

What’s even better is that there are WordPress plugins available that make bundling content simple.

Steps to bundling content in WordPress:

  1. IssueM plugin: This plugin ‘bundles’ content for your readers by creating live web issues.
    1. Login to your WordPress admin panel / dashboard.
    2. Create a new Page in WordPress that will be the home of your ‘bundled’ content or what the plugin calls “issues”.
    3. Install and activate the IssueM plugin.
    4. Navigate to “Articles >IssueM Settings” and choose the page you created in Step 1 above as your “Page for Issue Archives”. This will be the landing page for your bundled content. There are other settings that you can set up at the same time including your Cover Image Size and much more. To see how this can look – check out our issue page and our landing page. The “Page for Issue Archives” is a must-have if you know you’ll have a growing offering of ‘bundled content” on your site. This page will show off your cover photo and title of the “issue” and when a reader clicks on it, it will direct them to the excerpt list of that issues content.
    5. Navigate to “Articles > Issues”. Under “Add New Issues” – give your bundled content a name. [We called ours: 8 Secrets of a Powerful Digital Publishing Platform]. The issue name you type in is what your readers will see. Upload a cover photo for your new offering of content. Save the new issue.
  2. IssueM’s Migration Tool: This add-on to IssueM takes your published posts within WordPress and ‘migrates’ them into articles (and links them to an issue).
    1. Install and activate the IssueM Migration Tool plugin.
    2. Navigate to “Articles > Migration Tool”.
    3. Choose the posts you’d like to appear in your bundled ‘issue’, select the ‘issue’ these posts will be linked to, and click on the blue “Migrate Posts” button. Make sure to select “Copy Posts?” if you’d like to keep copies of the article as posts.
    4. Once you’ve migrated the posts they will show up under “Articles > Articles” and you can edit them there if you wish.
    5. Preview your new Page to see your new offering!

    There is a lot more help on the website, the developer of these two tools.

    This is another great way to give more value to your existing digital content. Over time, this can become a ‘library’ of information that you can promote… indexed by Google and sharable in social.

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