Sell gift subscriptions for the holidays

Join the festivities

The holidays are coming and with them comes a slew of decorating, wassailing, and gift-giving.

For every business also comes the dilemma of how best to become part of that gift-giving.

Fortunately, for web-based publications, there’s an easy solution.

Gift Subscriptions to the rescue!

We recently discussed the importance of building your email-list and focusing on your subscriptions as a source of revenue.

If you’ve been following along at home, you now have the perfect way to become part of people’s holiday gift list:

Offer the option of a gift subscription to your loyal readers.

The whole purpose of building an email list is to have easy access to people who already know and enjoy your publication. Give them a way to spread your amazing content to others.

And then back to the cookies…

The best part is that it’s incredibly easy. You don’t even have to set up anything new. Just a simple email to direct them to your subscriptions page and you’re done.

(And you have a new entry in your email list. Happy Holidays!)

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