So how did we get here?

The story starts with Dartmouth College, who needed a way to put their Dartmouth Engineer Magazine and then Dartmouth Alumni Magazine online to reach alumni and current/prospective students. As a traditional publisher with an issue based production cycle they needed to be able to load up all their articles and publish them with one click. They also required a state of the art publishing system. Naturally they chose WordPress and we helped them create their publications.

What happened afterwards really surprised us. Niche publishers starting up magazines came to us to help them build out issue based WordPress magazines. We thought the issue based model might be losing steam with all the real time info we get firehosed with… but no we were completely wrong. It seems folks wanted a “magazine”… they wanted a traditional publishing cycle for many reasons.

So then we released our IssueM plugin which turns WordPress into an issue based publication (think of IssueM as zeen101′s sponsor) and started connecting with more magazine publishers.

And here we are starting up zeen101 as a place for magazine publishers to get solid info on building and succeeding with WordPress.

I hope zeen101 will help your publication grow and I encourage you to comment and reach out to us with any questions!

Pete Ericson
Publisher – zeen101