Your apps are ready… already

Your WordPress content, issues, subscribers, & paywall seamlessly integrate with your iOS and Android apps. Publish once and know that your apps are automatically updated. Schedule push notifications, manage subscribers, and control your ads, in one WordPress dashboard.

With our unique and powerful UniPress service, your WordPress-powered publication can have it’s own native mobile app for iOS and Android devices in just a few days. In fact, we’ve already built the app. You can have it any time.

We’ve bridged the gap between the web and mobile.

It has never been easier, nor more affordable, for publishers to have their own native mobile apps—and all their compelling advantages.


Some Wonders of UniPress


Easy App Publishing with WordPress

Publish to Apple and Android devices with one WordPress dashboard. Workflow has never been so fast.


The 1st Metered Paywall for Both Web and Apps

Manage a single metered paywall for both web and apps… set the number of free articles in WordPress and the same number are free in your apps.


New Article Notification

Each time you publish a new post or article, your app will notify your readers that new articles are available. The number prompt in the top right corner of your app will inform your reader how many articles are new since they last opened your app.


Push Notifications

Immediately send (and schedule) push notifications straight from your WordPress dashboard to both your Apple and Google apps alerting your readers of important news


In-App Advertising

Optional in-app ads are easily loaded right in WordPress. iAds, Google’s DFP, and AdMob interstitials are also natively supported.


Publish & Manage Issues

If you use the IssueM plugin for WordPress, your issues will automatically synch to your apps.


Centralized Subscription Management

Readers can subscribe once on the web or in your app to gain access everywhere.


Offline Reading

Background synching (via our API) keeps your apps up to date, and allows readers to read when they have no internet connection


Branded For Your Publication

We will customize your app to match your brand: colors, fonts, header logo and intro screen


Reach More Subscribers

With minimal effort you will be able to reach new readers in both Apple and Android app stores