Use WordPress issues to throw better parties

HOBNOB magazine wants to help you throw better parties

Really… and it’s pretty cool.

HobNob_13_Aphrodisiac_cover-300x453Their secret is packaging how-to articles (based on a party theme) into “issues” that you can read depending on what kind of party you would like to host. Want to host a party about things that are small? Check out the The Mini Party. How about a Lazy Pizza party? It’s there. Other party themes you will find help with:

  • Have a Ball party
  • The Aphrodisiac party
  • The Comfort Binge party
  • Holiday Drinking
  • Check out all their parties on the More Parties page

So how did they pull this off in WordPress?

HobNob_03_Pizza_cover-300x453Easy, really easy.

HOBNOB grabbed our free IssueM plugin which adds issue management to WordPress. They created issues (party themes) and articles to go with each issue. Each time they publish a new issue (party) the previous parties are still accessible on the past issues page (named “More Parties”).

If they want to add a blog at a later date (for in between news) they can just use the built in WordPress blog (IssueM creates a new post type called Articles to keep posts and articles/issues separated).

Create and promote special issues

HobNob_10_HaveABall_cover-300x453Think about how you might package your existing content into issues. How about creating a year-in-review issue? or pick-a-hot-topic issue? how-to issue?… whatever you think your audience would find valuable.

You can even migrate your posts into issues… to quickly build your special issues with our Migration Tool.

If you want more inspiration on creating special issues for your publication make sure you read our Things to Sell post.

We think HOBNOB magazine gets the future of digital publishing by packaging their content into a format and size we have liked for a long time: the issue.


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